Core Team

Samuel Enslin

Role: Director

Samuel is a 3ds Max generalist working at Acolori Medienproduction in Hamburg, Germany. He started working on the shortfilm back in 2016. Besides directing the short, he contributes creatively with environment design, texturing, shading, lighting and FX.

Marta Strazicic

Role: 3D Artist

Mag. art Marta Strazicic is a multimedia artist and 3D generalist. She has held 3D modeling workshops and VR residencies in Croatia. Her recent work EVGENIA308 focuses on a world of digital insects. In 2019. She finished a Houdini professional course in Viborg, Denmark.

She is working on environment assets.


Role: Producer

A hybrid with experience in projectmanagement, operations, and photography production. Also a 3D hobbyist making abstract art with Blender and Substance Painter. Award-winning short film executive producer

Reila Soley

Role: 3D Artist

Christin works as an 3D environment artist at BeamNG in Bremen, Germany.
She is a passionate artist with 5 years of experience in the game industry who loves to create characters and creatures in her free time. Skilled in ZBrush, Adobe Photoshop, Substance Painter, Substance Designer and 3Ds Max.

She is responsibly for the look of the Tardigrade and created the concepts for it. She also worked on several other characters and environment assets.

Constance Tailleur

Role: Storyboard Artist

Constance is a french storyboard artist and illustrator. She comes from CG animation and she both works in animation studios and as a freelance artist. The Journey of the Waterbear is one of her first projects after school.

She created the storyboard for the whole shortfilm.

Motaz Al-Rayyes

Role: VFX Artist

Rayyes is a Palestinian visual effects artist who works at Animapoint, a studio based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which is currently working on the animated TV-series Moominvalley. Moominvalley and SideFX Houdini are the reasons why he hooked up in the animation industry after graduating with a bachelor degree in motion graphics and visual effects. Rayyes believes that Animation movies and TV-series should always remain stylized.
He is working on various FX for the short.

Jonas Burand

Role: 3D Animator

Jonas is a freelance artist as well as animator from the United States and started working on The Journey of the Waterbear as one of the first projects after school in 2019. He helped out as a 3D animator on the project.

Tan, KaeHwai ( aka Kai )

Role: Animation Lead

Kai is currently working as an Animator in Framestore Montreal. The Journey of the Waterbear is his second Artella projects. He loves to participate in storytelling and creative process!

He is supervising the animation department as well as contributing animations himself.

Hillary “Hilly” Chua

Role: 3D Animator

Hilly is a bubbly animator and online content creator from the Philippines who loves creating cartoons. She runs her own youtube channel under studio name “Little Feathery Corner”. On top of cartoons, Hilly loves production and is putting to practice her 3D animating skills in a few projects such as “The Journey of the Waterbear”.

Caleb Winters

Role: Sound Designer

Caleb Winters is a freelance sound designer and audio engineer from Toronto. With a passion for all things ‘sound’, he’s currently collaborating internationally on a variety of animated shorts, indie video games, and more.

Mohammed Deeb

Role:3D Animator

Mohammed Deeb is a Junior 3D animator who recently graduated. “The Journey of the Waterbear” is the second Artella Project he’s participated in. He loves traditional 3D cartoon animation and loves production films.

Brendan Baeza

Role: Concept artist

Brendan Baeza s a concept artist specializing in vintage futuristic technology. His concept work is between 2D and 3D. He directs The Baeza Stanicic Art Academy in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, specialized in preforming young artists to introduce them in studies focused on the entertaiment sector.