Inspired by musician Cosmo Sheldrake's "Tardigrade Song", we decided to make an animated short film showcasing a lovable little water bear and the world as he sees it. From the smallest microscapes to the vast expanse of space, we follow the water bear's journey through dangers and wonders. Click here to learn more about the project! 

A painting of a tardigrade.
An environment painting

Hosted on Artella, the virtual collaborative platform for CG artists, our team came together from all over the world to make this film happen. In just four minutes, we feature six breathtaking environments and several different creatures, all from the water bear's tiny perspective. Click here to see our most recent work.

a short film about a small tardigrade on a big journey

Join our little tardigrade hero as he faces the dangers of deep oceans, arctic tundras, scorching deserts, and even outer space...

Tardigrades, colloquially known as "water bears", are eight-legged micro-animals that can withstand nearly any environment. They are one of the most fascinating creatures on our planet... so we made a movie about them.

Our team came together from all over the world to create stunning, feature-animation quality work.

Stay tuned for the finished film in 2019!

Journey of the Water Bear is still in production. We would love to share our progress with you! Our talented visual development team has created beautiful concept pieces and storyboards, and our CG artists are constantly turning out stunning animations and renders. Click here to see our concept and developmental work.

Concept Art

About the Film