As a zero budget passion project, it would not be possible to realize, without all the volunteers who joined our international team of artists.
3D Animation is an incredibly time consuming process, just look at the hundreds of people in the endcredits of every major animation film, that worked for months and sometimes years full time on these films.
Most of us are either employed or freelancing or studying, so we only have a couple of hours per week and during the weekends to work on this.

Only few of us stuck with it from the beginning, its normal that our team constantly changes, as people move on with their lifes and jobs and don´t have time to contribute anymore.

Thus we are constantly looking for fresh faces to join the journey.

And even though we´re striving for the highest possible quality, there are tasks for every level of expertise, so don´t hesitate to join, even if you don´t have an awsome portfolio and hollywood credits in your pockets…:)

A big part of our motivation to create this epic shortfilm is to learn and better our skills!

We are currently looking particularily for Concept Artists and Environment Modelers, as well as 3D animators and FX Artists.
We could also use some more help with marketing and social media!

If you like to join the team, please fill out this form and we´ll send you an invite to our discord server! If you have more questions before joining, simply contact us through our facebook page.